Podcasts Keep Nurses Entertained and Up-To-Date

By Connie K. Ho

Podcasts encompass a variety of subjects ranging from business to news to travel to health. There are a number of nursing podcasts that are good to listen to; these shows not only provide information on the profession, but offer in-depth interviews with nurses who are leaders in the profession or practice a particular specialty.

Nursing podcasts offer an avenue for continued learning. Learning on the job is key to any nursing student or recent nursing school graduate. Becoming more knowledgeable on the issues of the profession helps nurses become more competent and provide better care to their patients.

The Nursing Show

Jamie Davis, a registered nurse and emergency medical technician, saw a need in the nursing community for a nursing-focused podcast  after he created a show for EMT and paramedics. Davis was inspired to produce a show that would help his fellow nurses stay up-to-date on current nursing research and news.

“The Nursing Show” already has more than 100 episodes that include tips and commentary. The podcast’s website is also a forum for topics such as different types of methodology and lab issues. Davis reports on various health conferences in the country and interviews individuals who present at the conferences.

“I’ve gotten really positive feedback,” said Davis, who was in Dallas, Texas, for the National Association of County and City Health Official (NACCHO) conference where he spoke with public health nurses and public health officials. “I consider the audience to be a community in itself and so rely on them to give me feedback, provide ideas on topics for future episodes and recommendations of some people to be interviewed for topics and specialties in nursing.”

Apart from providing coverage on the NACCHO conference, Davis plans to continue to broadcast interviews he conducted at this year’s American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) conference that was held in Boston, Massachusetts. The episodes will highlight issues like resuscitation and cardiac care found in critical care nursing. He also mentioned that the issue of wellness was discussed among nurses at the AACN conference.

“Wellness in nurses, that’s something we don’t really spend a lot of time on,” Davis said. “Nurses need to maintain [their] own wellness to continue to care for patients.

Nurse Talk

For those interested in humor, “Nurse Talk” is full of laughter and optimism. The podcast was originally hosted by Casey Hobbs and Maggie McDermott, nurses with more than 30 years’ experience. Early on, the podcast received support from nursing organizations such as the California Nurses Association and the National Nurse Organizing Committee. The episodes can be heard via apps like TuneIn Radio and Progressive Voices.

“In addition to promoting good health and education, “Nurse Talk’s” goal is to make nursing more visible. Registered nurses are on the front lines of patient care and advocacy — sharing a tireless commitment to make health care available for all in this country,” said Hobbs in a prepared statement.

Podcasts like “Nurse Talk” have grown in audience size, with listeners tuning in from various cities, states and countries — all with the same bond of working in the nursing field.

“These 30-year vets have experienced it all. They’ve been on the front lines and in the trenches treating coughs, colds, flu, constipation, diabetes, obesity — and that’s just their own medical history,” said producer Pattie Lockard, who co-created the show with Hobbs, in a prepared statement.

RN.FM Radio

Last but not least, “RN.FM Radio” features a nursing duo who wax poetic on nursing issues. The podcast is hosted by Keith Carlson and Kevin Ross, who have a variety of nursing experiences between the two of them. A new show is broadcast every Monday with a different guest speaker. In the past, “RN.FM Radio” guests have included a variety of speakers from all levels in nursing including authors and nursing consultants.

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