Online BSN Programs

Benefits of Online BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Degrees

Nursing is an opportunity to work in health care, treat patients, and make a genuine difference from day to day. Many people move directly into a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program after graduating high school. Others earn an associate degree in a nursing related specialty, join the workforce and then purse a BSN. Whatever the situation, pursing an online BSN is a straight-forward, easy method of pursuing a degree.

Not only do online BSN programs offer the opportunity to obtain this much sought after degree, it gives individuals the chance to earn the degree on their own time. Many online schools are accredited and give those already employed in the field of nursing the chance to continue their education and prepare for advancement, new jobs, or even work towards their continuing education hours on their own schedule.

Education Requirements

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing can be the first step up in a career. Many nursing positions, such as supervisory roles, require applicants to have BSN. While it is possible for nurses to obtain their RN license without a BSN, many nurses choose to go back to school and earn the degree.

To enter the BSN program the student needs a high school diploma, preferably with a strong background in math and science, a GPA that qualifies for the school, and often either SAT or ACT scores.

Career Options: What you can do with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

Nurses who have earned their BSN open a full range of opportunities up. In general they can work on hospitals, doctor offices, and other traditional medical facilities, nursing homes, in patients’ homes, schools, psychiatric units, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, law firms, and dozens of other occupational settings. The BSN requires applicants to complete clinical hours to receive their degree. This offers an excellent opportunity for future nurses to see which type of environment they prefer and get the experience that will be helpful when they look for their first job.

What to Consider if you Pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

Nurses who have their BSN open themselves up to a variety of opportunities and roles above the basic opening position. In 2010 the median RN career salary was $64,690, with the lower earners making around $40,000 and the higher earners around $100,000. The higher the degree, the number of years of experience and place of employment all affect this salary, and those who take the time to earn the higher degrees open the door to a higher position on this pay scale.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing has a very favorable outlook for the future, with an estimated job increase of 26 percent between 2010 and 2020. Much of this growth is projected to be in outpatient care centers, long term care facilities, home health care, and care for the elderly. Even standard job locations, such as hospitals, are expected to have good job opportunities because of high turnover rates.

Working towards a BSN is a very admirable goal. Nurses and their employers realize the importance of advanced education in the field of medicine to ensure top quality care for all patients. Online BSN programs offer the freedom and flexibility to obtain degrees to advance a career without having to take time off of work.