RN to BSN Online Degree Programs

Introduction: Online RN to BSN Degree Programs

By earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Registered Nurse (RN) the student is poised to handle more complex care and make critical decisions associated with patient care. He or she is also poised to move into health-care related fields such as health policy, health care financing, public and community health, and leadership.

An RN to BSN online degree program prepares the student for more sophisticated knowledge in life-saving technology and information management. Clinical training will be a crucial factor in earning a BSN. Candidates are required to apply theory to hands-on training through labs and a variety of hospital and community settings.

Education Requirements for an RN to BSN Degree Program Candidate

To apply for an RN BSN online degree, the candidate must possess an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or nursing diploma. If a candidate is a recent nursing school graduate, he or she is required to spend the first two years of the degree program meeting liberal arts education requirements as pre-nursing major. The candidate will also prepare by taking prerequisites such as behavioral science, chemistry, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and introduction to nursing practices.

All nursing candidates must obtain licensure upon completion. This requires an accredited training program and a passing score in the NCLEX-RN. Candidates must also meet other requirements of their state board of nursing, which will often require continuing education through workshops and seminars.

Career Options: What you can do with a BSN?

A RN to BSN online degree prepares students for advanced positions such as shift supervisor or administrative work due to the hands-on experience required to complete the BSN.

Some career options include:

Clinical Hospital Staff Nurse

Non-Clinical Hospital Staff Nurse

  • Mid-Level Management
  • Department Manager
  • Head Nurse
  • Health Services Administrator
  • Clinical Staff Recruiter

Non-Hospital Nurse

  • Hospice Care
  • Nursing Homes
  • Insurance Companies
  • Government Organizations
  • Pharmaceutical Research

Career Advancement with an RN BSN Degree

A BSN is quickly becoming a requirement for health care employment in many hospitals and private practices. An RN to BSN degree program is often the stepping stone to career advancement in administration or research. It is also a platform to advanced nursing practices, which could lead to the following careers:

What to Consider if you Pursue an RN BSN Online Degree Program

The base salary of a BSN has a high degree of variability. The salary of a nurse with a BSN depends on several factors, including the location, size of the company, industry, and area of specialization.

Nurses Career Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Occupational Outlook Handbook of 2012-13 Edition reports that nurses has a median pay of $64,690 per year and receives an average of $31.10 per hour. Approximately 2.7 million people in the United States work as an RN and the career field is projected to increase by 711,900 positions by 2020.